Elon Musk knows that getting to Mars won’t be a walk in the park — but he says you’ll at least be able to walk in a park after you get there.

That’s the latest vision of potential life on Mars from the billionaire CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, who has plans to transport humans to the distant planet by 2024.

Musk, who has said there’s even a good chance he’ll eventually move to Mars himself, said in an interview with Popular Mechanics this week that a future Mars base could include parks to help create “an outdoorsy, fun atmosphere” on the arid planet.
马斯克认为自己有生之年或许能够移居到火星去,他在本周接受Popular Mechanics采访时称,在未来的火星基地上建造公园能够帮助在这个干旱的星球上创造一个户外、欢乐的气氛。


Musk has said that his goal is for SpaceX to send its first unmanned rocket to Mars by 2022, and that rockets carrying both crew and cargo could potentially reach the planet just two years after that.

While discussing the logistics of colonizing Mars, including building human-friendly living spaces, Musk told Popular Mechanics that food could be grown on solar-powered hydroponic farms located either underground or in an enclosed structure.
在谈到殖民火星的物流时,除了适合居住的空间以外,他还告诉Popular Mechanics食物能够在地下或者是封闭结构的太阳能水耕场生长。

“Earth hydroponics will work fine,” Musk says in the interview, referring to the process of growing plants in water instead of soil.

A future Mars colony could even create a taste of home by building enclosed glass domes with plant life inside, where humans could walk around without space-suits, much like a park on Earth.